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Microsoft's long-running email service gets a revamp

Outlook.com is a free, web-based email service from Microsoft.OverviewFormerly known as Windows Live Hotmail, Outlook.com is not only free but other offers "unlimited" space, alongside integration with SkyDrive.New interfaceOutlook.com has a...View full description


  • No space limitations
  • Reliable
  • Integrated with Live chat and Facebook contacts
  • Great looking new interface


  • No right clicking available in some sections
  • No support for IMAP

Very good

Outlook.com is a free, web-based email service from Microsoft.


Formerly known as Windows Live Hotmail, Outlook.com is not only free but other offers "unlimited" space, alongside integration with SkyDrive.

New interface

Outlook.com has a completely new interface from the old Hotmail. Much like Google's popular web-based service Gmail, Outlook.com's important folders are located on the left of your screen. Everything from documents, flagged emails, photos and shipping updates are located under the "Quick views" main folder. The more traditional and expected folders for your inbox, junk mail, drafts, and sent messages are also situated to the left.

At the top of your Outlook.com screen is a dynamic tool bar that will change depending on the content you're currently viewing. Chat is also integrated with your Microsoft Live and Facebook contacts, making it a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family while simultaneously accessing your email.

Unfortunately, there are no right click options in a few places, notably the People and Calendar sections, which might present frustrations for some users.


Overall, Outlook.com is a great improvement on Hotmail's outdated interface. It's still playing catch-up to Gmail though in a lot of different ways. While the chat integration and easy to use contact management system are huge pluses, it's unlikely to sway hardcore Gmail users away from a service that offers a great Priory Inbox, and integration with Google Plus, as well as a myriad of other Google services.

Outlook.com is a vastly improved upgrade to a popular web-based email service that most former Hotmail users will undoubtedly appreciate.

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User reviews about Outlook.com

  • Dukhu Mia

    by Dukhu Mia

    I really like Outlook.com for it's more assertive activities and I recommend all of you to rate it please.

  • by Anonymous

    Outlook.com is a sus-standard service. Outlook.com is where I have all my official emails sent and I can never open them, or send emailMore

  • by Anonymous

    Do not use the Skype Upgrade, simply uninstall Messenger.. Outlook.com was initially a little bit bare bones. Later it got better but sMore

  • by Anonymous

    Doesn't work. Useless, down more than it's up! Fed up with can't connect messages.